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July 2008

Hebrews 6 & 7

by Lon on July 28, 2008

Continuing our journey through Hebrews

Hebrews 6

  • Sometimes we can lay foundations in our lives that lead to death
  • What doe sit mean to crucify Christ all over again by our actions? Don’t we do this all the time?

  • Is there a time when we are beyond repentance?
  • We show God our love by helping people in need
  • It’s interesting that our hope works hand in hand with our diligence

Hebrews 7

  • What does it mean for levites, priests, pastors, ministers, missionaries to offer the tenth of the people’s offering to God?
  • What does it mean to be saved completely?


Online Advertisement

by Ian on July 26, 2008

Hey guys! First time posting an actual post by myself =o

So like about a few weeks ago or actually two-ish, I created two wallpaper that would represent what Solar Crash meant. And I posted it onto my deviantart page to kinda advertise it online and of course to show ppl all over the world (well not literally..I think) my artwork.

So yeah it’s spreading not only through the mouths of people but through the pictures. I mean maybe that’s why the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” make sense right? Haha.

Oh and also from last Sunday, if you all remember the first song: You Are God. Well the background that was used for that song’s slide was one of my background as well.

More artwork to come. For all of you who don’t know it’s here on my Deviantart Page

PS. If you click on the picture, it will direct you to the detailed page about the art.

PPS. Lately, I’ve been working on a new wallpaper. The theme is suppose to be musical and in a way it has an angelic feeling towards it. Plus there’s a restriction since I’m doing this for a client (not a big one of course…just for a frnd haha). It has to be pink, black and white.

PPS. Sorry about the umm side menu…I don’t know how I got it that big D:

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My kids.

by Kevin on July 26, 2008

So all summer I’ve been working with this program called “Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)”, which is designed to help freshman have a positive start in their first semester of college and to keep them on the right track until they’ve graduated. So I’ve been TA’ing them in Math and English because majority of them are struggling in both of those areas.

But yesterday, the ladies who were running the program decided to take a day off and have the kids go on a field trip to St. Bonaventure University and see what other colleges and universities were doing with their HEOP’s. It was to educate freshman about leadership, financial planning, relationships, and… this one other thing that I forgot what it was about. So they invited me to join along and have some fun with my students and with the other counsellors.

So I’ve been trying to upload a few pictures, but I was only able to upload two of them. But when I previewed them, they were WAY too big for the post. SO, I’ve linked some of the photos:

Couple of the counsellors I work with

Group Photo after lunchMrs. 2nd in Command and her internAt the end of the day... ready to go home


the greatest villain of all time

by Philthevoid on July 20, 2008


The Joker has been touted as “the greatest villain of all time” by Wizard Magazine. This has been something that has been awarded to him for many years. The Joker is the embodiment of chaos and madness, who desparately seeks to reflect his own viral mania into world. “The Joker’s a great villain because he represents anarchy,” says Brian Cunningham, executive editor of Wizard magazine. “He’s the ultimate incarnation of chaos. You can’t predict a villain like that. He’d just as soon kill a baby as he would a grown man. There’s no prejudice when it comes to Joker wanting to kill somebody. There really are no limits to him.” (

For many years now, I’ve viewed the Joker as the greatest villain of all time for another reason. The Joker and the Batman could not have existed without each other. The dependency of this arch-nemesis is what has always made this comic stand out in my mind. I used to like Batman as a kid, because well, he was cool… but as I got older, I understood how profound this story actually was.

Jack Napier, a small-time Gotham city thug, shot and killed Bruce Wayne’s parents in an alleyway in cold blood during a botched-mugging attempt. Bruce just a child, bore witnessed the event, and scarred him deeply. Bruce bound by the trauma of his parents’ murder, swore his life to upholding justice, while also bent on revenge to right the wrong committed. Jack Napier created Batman.

Jack NapierA?in a factory firefight withA?BatmanA?was inadvertantlyA?thrown by BatmanA?into a vat of chemicals, thereby turning the henchman Jack Napier into the horribly disfigured and diabolical Joker. The Joker then became bent on revenge as well, and also became an agent of anarchy and lunacy in the process. Batman created the Joker.

You can see that this dynamic is what makes this story so compelling and powerful. I understand, that this telling of the story is only Tim Burton’s version from Batman, 1989. The original story actually doesn’t say that Jack Napier killed Bruce’s parents. The killer was not named until later in the Batman series,A?whenA?reference was made to some lowly-henchman named “Joe Chill”. But I like Tim Burton’s version. :)

As you will have heard already, the latest Dark Knight movie had aA?huge opening weekend in theatres. Lots of great reviews are out there on this movie. Everyone is saying how the dichotomy of good vs evilA?(in all of us) theme,A?makes this movie so impactful and relevant for the viewer. Yes, it does strikeA?a chord, doesn’t it?

Today, Pastor Ka’s message noted that a problem of today’s people is that there is no need to know Jesus. With nostalgic memories of Batman, and his war on the Joker – the battle of good vs evil is played out in pop-culture… what about the battle of good vs evil for our souls? The reason Batman vs the Joker is so compelling is because it is a representation of the longing we have to champion something deep within ourselves.

The greatest villain of all time is not the Joker. There’s no joking around here… I think we all know what the Joker represents… Did youA?really thinkA?it was just a stupid comic book?


Live Art…

by Lon on July 15, 2008

If you missed last sunday our own Phil created some live art on the spot during our gathering.

live painting

Phil's Painting


Hebrews 5

by Lon on July 14, 2008

continuing the journey through Hebrews

- high priests have weaknesses

- those weaknesses can help them engage in the weaknesses of others

- priests need atoning for their sins as well

- what does it mean to be called by God?

- What does it mean for Jesus to have reduced himself to having to ‘learn’ certain things?

- If milk is for infants and solid food is for the mature – what do you feel you need to be feeding on these days?

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Some Tuesday Reflections

by sockacoach on July 14, 2008

Mosaic Baptist this week:

  • Pray for Henry Chow as he begins a missions trip to Chibougaumau (July 17 to 28).
  • A refined version of last Sunday’s sermonA?is posted under R.E.A.L. food.
  • If you would like to volunteer for this Sunday’s worship at the Tendercare, please contact Po Man. We do need people to help withA?one-on-one interpretations (fromA?Cantonese to English) as needed.
  • Check out some of the new postings atA?the Mosaic Baptist Bookstore.


Perks of being older (not necessary wiser):

Growing oldA?/ aging is a frightening process. Unable to keep up with the latest technology is not the worst nightmare but the emotions of feeling unwanted, useless and obsolete. Then there is the bright side:A?

  1. Free to let other’s make mistakes. (When you are in control, you are to blame for failures. When you are getting older, the younger generation will push you over and take control.)
  2. Free to discover new paths, new relationships, new journeys. (When you are getting older, you are less wanted by those who hasA?known you for a long time. i.e. children.)
  3. Free to go home. (The destiny of Jesus is getting closer.)
  4. Free to create. (Your advice is deemed old fashioned and hence not needed. Therefore, save your breath for moreA?contemplation and reflection. The result: re-invent yourself.)
  5. Free to be taking care of. (From caregiver to care-benefactor.)





Proverbs 25:20

by sockacoach on July 14, 2008

“Singing cheerful songs to a person with a heavy heart is like taking someonea??s coat in cold weather or pouring vinegar in a wound.” Proverbs 25:20

“sometimes, when we see loved ones that are depressed, we feel obligated to cheer them up by being cheerful & asking them what’s wrong. But sometimes it hurts the person more because the other person does not want to talk about it, eventhough your intentions were good. We should love others & help others whenever we can but in a way where we are respecting their needs.”


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