In our community group, Amie Bokelman had surgery that left her incapacitated, yet with her little ones still running around. Fortunately, my wife Karen loves Aimee and, sensing her predicament, showed up bright and early yesterday to take Caden and Olivia to our house. It was nothing special – just a small example of how community works.

The point is that God designed us human beings as communal creatures. We need one another – we need real connection and real encouragement just to make it through life. That’s why God told us not to “forsake assembling together.” That’s the point of church – not all this ecclesiological falderal you see in a lot of institutional churches.

We don’t need pseudo connection and we don’t need a pantomime. Life dishes out a steady dose of stinging wounds that can only be touched and healed in a place of deep trust where you are known and loved. Fail to find a place of encouragement with people who know how to love and you become callused and jaundiced. It’s frustrating if you settle for a facsimile of the original, but if you find it, it is so worth the search. I got the following in an email newsletter from John Eldredge last week. He really gets it. It was long, so I edited down a bit.