Jesus in the Burbs…

by Lon on October 27, 2008

This is a massive topic that I believe we were only scratching the surface on at our last gathering.

Some further questions and reflections

What are some attributes that come to mind when you think of the suburbs?

What are some of the idols in the suburbs?

Reflect on the following terms as it relates to the suburbs
- Families.A? Affluence.A? Cookie cutter houses.A? Independence.A? Waste.A? Avoidance of interruptions.A? Fragmentation.

Reflect on injustices that you’re aware of in our world.

Reflect on Luke 16:19-31

Why is there a separation between the nameless rich man and Lazarus?

Note how that in this scene no one is in heaven or hell due to doctrine or belief statements

Could it be that the ‘gate’ that the rich man put up, created an unreachable ‘chasm’ within his own heart?

Could it be that the rich man needed Lazarus just as much as Lazarus needed the rich man?

Note how the rich man continues to argue with Abraham and speaks of Lazarus in the third person telling him what he should do?A? Why might his attitude in such torment be like this?

Suburbanism is also invading the suburbs.A? Do some research on the term gentriciation and it’s implications.

What would it look like for the Kingdom of God to manifest in the suburbs?

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peta dunia satelit August 1, 2015 at 2:00 am

Kim MarvinJune 18, 2012Patty,I will never forget seieng your precious daughter for the first time. You sent us an email with your daughter’s picture announcing her arrival, I was so overwhelmed that I could not stop the tears. The relationship you had with your mother was not like most. You two were so close, many were in awe of your strong bond of friendship. Since your mother’s passing, I could feel how much that loss weighed on your heart. To be blessed with a daughter was an answer to prayer. Thank you for taking the time to share your many insights on adoption and encouraging others to not give up.Love,Kim


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