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November 2008

God is Green

by Lon on November 30, 2008

Here are slides from Sunday, Some practical links that weren’t mentioned are included there as well.

I’m sure many of you have more tips and resources, feel free to add to the conversation.

Link to the advent conspiracy video
Link to the eco-house tour video profiled

Some thoughts to take things further:

God cultivated life on earth. What does that look like if we’re made in His image and likeness?

God commanded creation to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ even before calling humanity to do the same thing. What might the implications of this be? (Genesis 1:20-22)

In Genesis God seems to create vegetation for both humanity and the animals to enjoy. Though we’re limited to a vegetarian diet, how might the fact that God has created a common source of food for us all impact the way we distribute and consume food?

To have ‘dominion over’ creation, is not the same thing as dominating over creation. If Jesus is our model of life and leadership, how ought humanity interact with creation?

The church has been behind the curve on the environmental issue for a long time, why is this?

What’s stopped you from becoming more environmentally conscious and responsive in the past?

How might the similarities and differences be between a follower of Jesus and an environmentalist?

Shalom means peace in the fullest sense. Peace with God, with one another, and with all creation. What changes can you make in your own lifestyle, home, church, school, workplace to better reflect God’s heart towards creation?

Jesus came to redeem all things. Repairing and restoring creation is a key part of the mandate of the church. What would it look like if the church really embraced this?

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Questions of one another…

by Lon on November 16, 2008

I’ve been meaning to create an online anonymous survey for our community for quite a while now.A? I think it’s helpful to get a better sense of the ‘pulse’ of one another as a whole…

I figure rather than me just coming up with my own questions, I’d create a space here if any of you have any good juicy questions you’d like to ask of one another in this survey?

I’m hoping to compile something in the next week.A? Comment here or email me if you’ve got burning questions of our community!

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Grace Educational Trust

by dimshie on November 11, 2008

Grace Educational Trust is providing new learning opportunities to children in the small village of Betim Ramnagar in Goa, India. The mission of Grace Educational Trust is to help support children and families who are living in poverty, by creating opportunities for education, skill development, and community leadership. Grace Early Learning Centre is a non-profit centre, co-founded by two women, Neelima Pratap and Francis Dass, who came together in 2006 with a common vision.

Below is a link to a CBC National story about Grace Educational Trust.

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Changing the world

by Lon on November 9, 2008

If you’re a teacher or a student of any type, you must go to this.

It’s free for you, $500 for everyone else.A? This saturday.

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IA?would likeA?to inviteA?you to partner with me in a project that I have been pondering for months.A? This project requires your prayer and participationA?in order for it to be meaningful.A? Here is the gist of the blue-print I have in mind:


Purpose:A?A?A regularA?event within the community of faithA?toA?1) raise the awarenessA?ofA?the globalA?poverty 2) remindA?us of the call to simple livingA?as God’s steward 3)A?encourageA?us to combatA?consumerism and foster a spirit of hospitality and generosity


Format:A? EachA?household will take turnA?bi-monthly to host a luncheon at their house after the last Sunday worship.A? AllA?members of the church are invited to lunch at the host family and donate the money that you would have paidA?for lunchA?on that Sunday to the mission fund designated to organizations which fight poverty.


You can view Letter of InvitationA?A?doc for more detail of my proposal.A? Please contact me if you’re interested to participate, or if you have any feedback.


Prayerfully yours,


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