A Proposal for “Global Poverty & Simple Living Awareness Luncheon”

by Sophia on November 9, 2008


I would like to invite you to partner with me in a project that I have been pondering for months.  This project requires your prayer and participation in order for it to be meaningful.  Here is the gist of the blue-print I have in mind:


Purpose:  A regular event within the community of faith to 1) raise the awareness of the global poverty 2) remind us of the call to simple living as God’s steward 3) encourage us to combat consumerism and foster a spirit of hospitality and generosity


Format:  Each household will take turn bi-monthly to host a luncheon at their house after the last Sunday worship.  All members of the church are invited to lunch at the host family and donate the money that you would have paid for lunch on that Sunday to the mission fund designated to organizations which fight poverty.


You can view Letter of Invitation  doc for more detail of my proposal.  Please contact me if you’re interested to participate, or if you have any feedback.


Prayerfully yours,


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