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December 2008

“Dear Readers,

by sockacoach on December 31, 2008

A?I used to believe that the church was the most powerful source of hope on the planet. That is, until I got old enough to notice its defects.

Once in adult land, I quickly stumbled upon a list of religious flaws and a side of the church that was far from hopeful.

Unfortunately, I am not the only one who lost some admiration for the church along the way. Many of my fellow twenty-somethings ended up less than impressed with the church as well. And sadly, as my peers dropped out of local congregations, they were promptly welcomed into a multigenerational group of ex-church attenders.

Apparently, disillusionment has been sidetracking the church attenders of our world for some time. Granted, the disillusioned don’t always ditch the church scene altogether. Some of the people in the pews are just as disgruntled as those playing hooky. Almost everyone seems to have a story to tell about some painful encounter with the church.

So whether you are disgruntled with the church right this minute or whether you’re just concerned about a friend who is jaded by organizational Christianity, I invite you to correspond with me and my generation about your experiences.

Do I think a simple exchange of letters can eliminate our frustrations altogether? No. I suspect that as long as we have ideals, we will have disillusionment.

I hope, though, that as long as we have disillusionment, we will fight it together.

Headed toward fullness, Sarah”

These words lead into the actual contents of a book titled: Dear Church, letters from a disillusioned generation. It was authored by Sarah Cunningham, a PK, writer, teacher at high school, speaker while pursuing her seminary degree and continue to learn to live as church via a home gathering in Jackson, Michigan.

This book is helpful to understand the minds of the ex-churched. It offers a voice for those who are disillusioned of the church as an institution yet have already exitedA?her premises without a word. The tone of the voice isA?neither judgmental norA?condemning to the church but rather points to a very hopeful direction.

It is an easy to read book because the style is in the form of letters. It touches one or two nerves of those of us who are church goers. It echoes with the majority of the ex-churched. Therefore, it can be used as a Life Group discussion guide for groups that have both the in-churched and ex-churched.

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Saving the turtles Presentation

by Philthevoid on December 30, 2008

Hi Mosaic!

A?As requested, here is the video presentation I put together for my trip. My sharing today I’ll admit probably left out a lot of the “turtle type experience”, which was in itself extraordinary. However, as I explained today, a lot of this trip although originally focused on the conservation of the turtles, ended up being more about the connections with people I met and the experiencing of God through the other volunteers on the trip. Upon reviewing my presentation again, I realized a lot of my trip looks like I wasA?just having fun… which I was! haha. But it was the fellowship of this unlikely band of characters that really spoke to the common-thread of community for cause. If 20 random kids from around the world could be compelled enough to invest time and money into saving some turtles, imagine what a congregation of Christ-followers could do to bring the glory of God to his world. Remember the oath we took a year ago when we planted Mosaic? “We will never be the same again.” Let’s all help each other to think missionally.

I have a lot more to share about my experience that cannot be adequately explained in a six minute video or aA?ten minute blurb. Feel free to invite me out for coffee or dinner (my treat!! ) and I can describeA?my experience to anyone interested in hearing more about my trip, or contemplating something similar. I was moved by volunteer efforts my friends and family have taken, from the missions trips by Sabrina, Dennis, and others in the community in the past. To the extent I can play a role in helping you act on a volunteer effort – I am totally game for it.

I’ve labelled this trip as the best vacation I’ve ever taken. It felt so right to be compelled into action for a worthy cause. Saving the turtles has been a interest of mine for many years now… yet the opportunity did not present itself until now. Truly take the time to reflect upon the talents and blessings you’ve been given and think about the opportunities that are before you, Mosaic.

Although I’ve been a quiet an somewhat inactive observer in the community for over a decade, I see the strength and grace that God has given so many of you. With the help of God, I know we can be the instruments to create the symphony within all of us, the community, and into the world.



longing for something more…

by Kevin on December 30, 2008

For the past couple of days something has just been bothering me a little bit.

Have you ever just had that longing for something more…

Whether it be companionship, accomplishing something, etc.?

There’s this girl who lives in the dorms and we sort of hang out in the same group of people. Almost one week ago, she found out that her uncle was stabbed fives times and had passed away in the hospital. Yesterday while at the funeral, her mother had text messaged her and told her that her grandmother had passed away as well. I vividly remember hearing her say through her tears, “My life is in shambles. It’s like we’re being punished for something.”

I tried to say words of comfort and etc, but it’s hard to comprehend the emotions that have come out of all that has happened.

I see another friend who is in a really bad relationship that is really detrimental to her emotion AND physical health. But yet she still longs to be in that relationship.

It has made me think last night at 3 am because the wind and the weather here is RIDICULOUS, but really what am I longing for? What is my heart longing for?


Fear of the Lord…

by Lon on December 30, 2008

As a church this year, each week there are r.e.a.l. food (reflections and discussion questions) based on the message from the previous Sunday available here.
Here’s an example personal reflection on this past week’s message on The Fear of the Lord

(I just pick a couple questions and themes that resonate with me, I invite you to do the same on the blog, or in your life groups, conversations, families, etc.)

The question “What do you fear most in life” is a fantastic opening question. Truth is, I fear many things before fearing God often. I fear deceiving myself, rejection, disappointment, boredom, the list goes on.

Reflecting on the Scriptures call to fear the Lord, puts things into healthy perspective and reminds me who really has power and authority over my life.

One way I often think about it is that fear is what limits us. ie. If you fear heights, well you won’t go to high places. If you fear spiders, you won’t go near spiders. When we fear God who is infinite, and without limits, it actually eradicates all other fears.

Fear of God, frees us of all other fears, because there is no limit or boundary to what God might do. It reminds me that I can step out in following God, without fear, because really, what’s the worst that can happen?

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Smiling Addiction…?

by Lon on December 30, 2008

How are things? Good, alright, just fine, not bad?

If anything, church is a community authentically engaging one another.

What if church was where others looked towards and said…

- I don’t know much about them, but I see people coming just as they are
- I see a place not loaded up on happy pills, but where it’s okay to be broken
- I see a people pursuing reality at the deepest levels of life

So how are you?

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“Jesus went up into the mountains and pray;

by sockacoach on December 29, 2008

and it is time for Mosaic Baptist people to engage deeply into a time of prayer. “

I do believe that the rythmn of our journey as a community of Christ followers is transitioning from allegro to andante or even largo for the next few months to come. It does not mean that we are slowing down in our passion and enthusiasm. We have been on the go in establishing mnistries since the beginning of this year. Then I start to notice a lot of prayer requests are surfacing. Perhaps this is the time when God demands us to pray hard as a community.



Let me encourage you to pray as individuals or in your life group gatherings for the following:

a?? Dennis Ho’s participation in the World Race: financial support, spiritual and emotional readiness.

a?? Beatrice Choi’s (Auntie Beatrice from Rosewood Baptist) cancerA?surgery on May 2.

a?? Jonathan Lai and Amy Tung’s wedding on May 24.

a?? Edward Yee and Rebecca Chan’s wedding on June 7.

a?? Lon Wong’s future ministry decisions.

a?? Eddie Chee’s future ministry decisions.

a?? UT student exams.

a?? Missions trip preparations: Vicky Wen and Lindsay Wong to Peru; Stephanie Tung to South America; Henry Chow to Chibougaumou.

a?? Jennifer Wong’s bread shop ministry preparation.

a?? Mosaic Baptist’s next step: 2009 and beyond,

a?? Spiritual protection for Mosaic Baptist.


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Received: May 25 Sunday Worship

by sockacoach on December 25, 2008


- give thanks to the Lord for protecting my marriage up to 25 years

- help me implement my vow to Josephine - help me to continue to inspire poeple in following Christ PM

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“I know God is truth. I want to trust in Him. It’s easy to do this when thins are ok in your life. But when everything is crumbling down. When you don’t have hope as things keep getting worse in life, how do I turn back to God when I don’t think He’s there anymore.” Anonymous 1

“I’m not so sure about Gods, but I am a strong believer of fate. I see symbols & signs all around me, and many. I feel lost and confused on what fate wants me to do. If fate is actually Christ, God, or Allah, so be it. Oh, and thanks Ian for mentioning me in your testimony. I’ll try not to call you thorny in the future. Anyways, I may be lost now, but I’ll let fate do whatever it wants me to do. Whether it be the Christian God, Shiva, or even the devil himself.” Anonymous 2

“Today I remember the cross, the nails that held Jesus there & most importantly His sacrifice. I hope we can all be worthy of His sacrifice & live lives with a new purpose. I’m glad both Kadia & Ian have decided to live their lives in such a manner. Praise the Lord!” Anonymous 3