Nehemiah 2:1-8

How was the collaborative whiteboarding session of Nehemiah 2:1-8? Hard? Awkward? Not your thing?

Just so you know drawing thoughts isn’t quite my thing either, here’s my first draft verse by verse as I experimented with it first (just so you don’t feel bad)


Here’s my 2nd try with more reflection and synthesizing of thoughts


2nd one’s not the greatest either, but visually working with things definitely helped me grapple the text more and reflect upon my own life.

I’m really trying to find all means possible to bring the scriptures as close to you as possible each gathering. I hope we can become really familiar with the story of Nehemiah this year, but even more so be shaped by it as individuals and as a community.

Things to keep in mind, especially if you weren’t there

– Nehemiah’s concern was for those on the ‘outside’ and it led him to attempt rebuilding a city
– Context – this city had been plundered multiple times, and there were already two unsuccessful attempts at rebuilding it.
– What would it be like to hope and pray and persevere for months for a single concern?
– Nehemiah’s prayer and preparation led him to be able to discern an opportunity, and not be at a loss for words when that opportunity came
– This was a massive request by Nehemiah – but don’t assume on behalf of others that they’d say no

– What does this story show you about how to engage our surrounding culture?


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