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June 2009

Acts 17

by Lon on June 30, 2009

Read the passage here

- Paul argued with those in the synagogue – obviously there is a case for debating – interesting that the context was with other religious leaders though

- i wonder who these ‘leading women’ were who joined Paul

- mob formed against Paul and Silas for ‘acting contrary to the decrees of the emperor, saying that there is another king named Jesus – why can’t we say this today?A? and if we do, why does no one seem to care?

- In Beroea – new believers – ‘examined the scriptures everyday’ – if newbies do it – shouldn’t we all?

- Paul spoke in a way that caused mystery, confusion, yet those who were intrigued and wanted to know more.A? How can we learn from this?

- Paul took the time to examine the idols and gods in the city – if we took the time to examine our culture, what would we find?A? in our culture, and within ourselves?

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Help Wanted

by Lon on June 30, 2009

Most of you know I’m probably in over my head – and as with all substantial hopes and dreams – it requires more than one person.A? I’m always looking for all sorts of help for various kingdom advancing projects.

If you or someone you know are passionate about any of the below areas, let me know.

Spiritual – Prayer, theological and practical research

Leadership – Networking, Logistics / Planning, Visioning, Passion-ing

Artistry – Music, performance, spoken word, writing, fashion, AV, graphic design, etc.

Web Development – See specific posting need here

If you’ve got a gift from God you don’t feel is being fully used, please, just drop me a note!

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Why Plant Churches?

by Lon on June 27, 2009

While we try to keep things interactive on sunday mornings, I know some of us are looking for some straight up concrete preaching to take us through the week as well.

The great thing about living in our age is that some of the best scholars, pastors, and communicators have their messages made available online.

I’ve decided to weekly post message that has personally impacted me and will hopefully do the same for you and help feed your soul.A? My hope is that messages or sermons never simply tickle your insides, but move what you learn towards transformation in your own life and your interactions with others on the ‘outside’.

I will try to have a wide range of perspectives available to you as well.A? Our Christian heritage is a truly rich one, and if you follow along closely you’ll hear from some amazing old-school biblical scholars to cutting-edge missionaries.

This week for starters I want to introduce you to Timothy Keller.A? He’s right down the middle as a rock solid bible expositor out ofA? new york who also highly engages the culture.A? this is his message on “Why plant churches”?

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Acts 16

by Lon on June 22, 2009

Click the link to read the entire chapter of Acts 16

- the NT always describes Paul on the go, there are several places where he stays for a couple years, and I think therea??s depth behind that, but therea??s a lot of being on the move.

- Timothy was circumcised anyways a?? was this an attempt at becoming all things, so some might be saved?

- Who on earth checks for circumcision anyways?

- people actually come to belief through proclamation and listening

- receiving hospitality a?? not in a place of control

- a??these men are disturbing our citya?? a?? how often do our churches get nailed for a??disturbinga?? the city by releasing the oppressed?

- did belief lead to a??you and your householda?? being saved because belief had to lead to action?A? and was never a private solo affair?A? How often does the beliefs you state lead towards actions?

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blog subscriptions

by Lon on June 22, 2009

Technology is suppose to enrich our faith, not take us away from it.

Here’s a short primer on what rss/subscriptions are – something i personally use to save time and stay on top of things.A? rss-icon

When you see an icon like this show up in a web page or at the top of your browser address bar – it means you can ‘subscribe’ to the site.A? It’s also sometimes linked or referred to as an RSS feed.A? With this, I rarely visit individual websites.A? By clicking on it,A? you can ‘subscribe’ to everything new that shows up on that web site, and it gets aggregated into a ‘reader’.A? I recommend google reader

Google reader collects all the sites that i’m subscribed to and brings it together into the one site that I visit.A? This way I don’t need to continually check or visit multiple sites for new content, I simply go to my reader application.

ie. If you want to subscribe to this mosaic blog, you can click on the orange icon up at the top, or you can click this ‘link‘.A? Make sure you’ve already signed up for a reader or register yourself for one afterwards at

You can subscribe to my blog here, and thousands of other blog and news sites around the world this way.

That’s your faith/tech update for the week.A? Hope it helps.

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Acts 15

by Lon on June 15, 2009

Read Acts 15 here

This chapter explores how a council was held in Jerusalem to discuss whether the new believers should be circumcised.

Ita??s amazing how much was still up for discussion.A? Ita??s so easy to think of the early church as idyllic untainted times, but there were weight issues that still needed to be dealt with.

This passage still somewhat bothers me.A? The fact that they can know that it is a??through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they area??, remove the need for circumcision and yet somewhat a??compromisea?? and still have several rules in place (v19-21), doesna??t quite jive with me.

They sound like decent rules, especially in their given context, but stilla??

v35 a?? Paul and Barnabas remained in Antioch, where they and many others taught and preached the word of the Lord.A? a?? the a??many othersa?? bit is a good reminder that there can be a community of teachers and guides.

Your thoughts?

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Mission over Mockery

by Lon on June 10, 2009

Are there passions in your life that you’ve turned back from doing due to possible criticism?

Have you ever been mocked for an audacious dream or hope you have in your life?

How do we create a healthy community that speaks the truth in love, and encourages one another to flourish in God’s calling? What can we learn from Susan Boyle about mission and the way we interact with one another?

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Acts 14

by Lon on June 8, 2009

You can read the Acts Chapter 14 here.

v9 – Paul looked at the man – crippled from birth intently – this was the first miracle to me. How do we expect to help and heal those around us, without really connecting with them first?

The people thought “the gods have come down to us in human form” – not a bad thing entirely to be mistaken, Paul must be doing something right.

People are quickly swayed so easily they go from worship to stoning, how do we stay focused on Jesus rather than giving into the waves of positive and negative feedback that may come our way?

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