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July 2009

Rob Bell – Corner

by Lon on July 28, 2009

Here’s a short 10 minute message you can chew on for the week

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Acts 21

by Lon on July 27, 2009

Read the entire passage here

- the spirit of God urged others to tell Paul not to go to Jerusalem – Paul chose to disagree with their pleas… interesting.
- “there on the beach we knelt to pray” – i never noticed this before – what a beautiful scene
- Paul might be ‘free in christ’ but he still adapted himself to customs and traditions
- Paul says he is ‘a citizen of no ordinary city’ – another phrase that fascinates me for some reason…


Art of Life

by Lon on July 21, 2009

Here are the slides from my talk this past Sunday.

While there were lots of ideas hinted at throughout it, one of my main thrusts was that hopefully you can peer into Van Gogh’s journey of faith and how it interacted with the ordinariness of life, struggles with the church, and the passion in his work.

I think the world is longing for people (especially those who are intimate with the living God), who are able to see, share, and embody the underlying reality of the divine in all of life.

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Matt Chandler – Gravity

by Lon on July 21, 2009

Here’s another message that was hard hitting for me that is spoken directly to pastors and church planters but I think it applies to all those who seek to minister to others in the name of Christ.

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Acts 20

by Lon on July 20, 2009

You can read Acts 20 here

- Eutychus raised from the dead?A? More importantly to me, was that he fell asleep when the apostle paul was preaching… I guess it happens to even the best?

- Paul taught ‘publicly’ and ‘from house to house’ – what would that look like today?

- they embraced and wept as Paul left the city – Do you have people in your life worth weeping over?A? And would you let them go to where they felt God was calling them?

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Acts 19

by Lon on July 13, 2009

Read Acts 19 here

What’s the relationship between the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Baptism as this passage states it?

An evil spirit said “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”… are we doing anything relevant enough for evil to be aware of who we are?A? we can’t be light in the darkness, if we’ve never ventured out into it…

Valuable scrolls were burned as people repented – what have you done that needs burning, and giving up of, in such a way that there is no going back?

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Missional Evangelism

by pomankwan on July 13, 2009

As I am going to my first Short Term Mission Trip, I relfect on the biblcal meaning of Mission. I found the following bible study very helpful. It is stimulating to the people of my cohort who grow up in a traditional church. However, it is also a good orientation to the younger generation in term of Jesus’way of doing mission. You may visit: for more info. Here is the Missional Evangelism How do we share the gospel where we live?

Missional is a popular word today. It implies that in our evangelism, we do more than simply throw the gospel at someone. Instead we look at our culture as if we were on the mission field and ask what we can do to connect with that culture and reach those around us. Our new six-session course “Missional Evangelism” does just that. This study will help you see that all places are mission fields and that all people are missionaries. It will also challenge you to reach out to different cultures, ages, and those with broken lives. Finally, it will encourage you to start at the beginninga??by getting to know unbelievers.
1.All Places Are Mission Fields
All believers are missionaries; all places are mission fields.
Matthew 22:36a??40; 28:18a??20; John 20:19a??23; Ephesians 1:3a??23

How do we understand the mission of God, and what does this mean for the local church? What is the biblical support for this seemingly new missional emphasis? This study will examine these questions in light of Scripture.

2 Reach Your Community
Making a difference in your community will require getting outside the church walls.
Psalm 24:1a??2; Isaiah 58:1a??10; Matthew 12:9a??14; 1 Corinthians 10:23a??30
Hearing successful outreach stories may stir up a desire to reach out where we live. If so, it will involve intentional action. However, if we are open to changes, God can transform us into people that reach our communities.

3.Reach Out to Different Cultures and Ages
How can I reach out to younger unbelievers and welcome those from different ethnic
backgrounds?.Isaiah 58:1a??11; Matthew 25:31a??46; Acts 17:16a??34; 1 Corinthians
In this study, we will examine how to engage unbelievers through acts of social service; how to communicate in relevant ways, especially to younger people; and how to find ways to be more multicultural.

4.Get to Know Unbelievers
Reaching out needs to start with getting to knowthose who don’t follow Jesus.
Luke 10:25a??37; 18:18a??27; John 4:1a??42
With all the activities of the Church, we’ve become more disconnected from those who don’t follow Christ.This study will explore how to seek and serve unbelievers by asking them questions that reveal their hidden needs.

5.Help Others to Repent
Define sin, encourage confession, and learn to listen to help lead others to repentance and salvation.
John 3:1a??21; 8:1a??11; Romans 10:13a??17; Galatians 6:1a??10

A clear definition of sin is imperative in today’s morally compromised and confused society. Confession and repentance for sin are essential because they open the door to forgiveness, healing, and salvation.
6. Touch Broken Lives
Jesus reached out to a cynical generation, and he teaches us how to do the same.
Matthew 9:9a??13; Luke 7:18a??23; John 11:1a??37

Following the experiences of a pastor who encountered cynicism first hand, this study asks, How do we reach out to a cynical generation?

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by donnachow on July 10, 2009

Our church has scheduled “Community sharing” once a month or more in the whole Sunday service, so do “community sharing” is important, yes…however, sharing can be done by using 10 minutes during worship, or after church, before church, any time during the week night, cell group (has not been set up yet), coffee time gathering ,etc etc . I alway and strongly believed Sunday worship is the day that God pass his words throught Pastor’s mouth. ( Is there any christian not agree !), but definitely we want God’s word on Sunday no matter what, it happening yesterday and same as today and tomorrow.